Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Dinner party!

Guess who's coming to dinner?? no one any of you know but a few of my dearest friends. I'm having a dinner party for the first time in FOREVER. I'm excited because I love to throw nice,relaxing parties with great music and amazing food prepared by moi. I have not been able to do this because this is the first time in a while my place has been big enough. The whole almost 2 yrs that I've lived in Chicago I've lived in the same bldg. My first apt here was a studio a decent sized studio but not big enough to entertain more than 2 ppl. In july I moved to the 4th floor and my apt is bigger,enough to have folks over.

Ya'll have to understand something I was the party thrower in college;and I dont mean those raunchy,wild parties where there are 3 girls puking in the bathroom,a keg on the back porch and ppl in your bedroom making out whom you have never seen before.Nope thats not me,I'm a diva and that is not my look!ok! I mean,ppl would come to my house for home cooked food,drinks and a good sane time. Several of my good friends calls me Betty Crocker.Seriously I have one friend who will call me that in public and yea i respond to it,LOL.

Take a look at my lists:

Nope these pic's arent to clear,they were much better in my camera...I'll tell you whats on the menu:
~Spinach salad still vasciallting on exactly how I'm doing the dressing
~Grilled eggplant & yellow squash w/mozzarella wedges
~Roasted potatoes w/ herbs
~Cake,yougurt and raspberry trifle.
I'm really excited,if you have any suggestions for the spinach salad please drop me a line!

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