Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why I love Emeril Lagasse

Well yes you've guessed it my 3rd favorite Food Network personality is Emeril Lagasse.He actually was the first food network star that I became acquainted with. We didn't have the food network at my house growing up but my grandparents did and that was such a treat for me. I really could watch that channel for hours on end. Especially Emeril...he is so exciting and he may not know it but he is truly an entertainer.Did you know that his first love is playing percussion's and that he turned down a scholarship to New England Conservatory to go to culinary school?
I have just always found him to be so engaging and just a pure thrill. I remember I had a violin teacher during my teenage yrs who would often use "Bam" (Emeril Lagasse's catchphrase) as a means to express to me how to properly execute an etude,example of our convo:
Teacher: "Do you know you just played a b flat?it should have been b natural"
Me: "Umm no,do you think I would've played a b flat on purpose?"
T:"Ya know,I really need you to get this.......(..him saying a bunch of musical stuff i really dont remember,because this was 10 or more yrs ago) Finally he says "have you seen that guy on the food channel who's always yelling BAM?" I said yes. He says "that's how I want you to play,with that much energy and be confident that you know its right,where at the end you can say BAM"
Yes I know a story to tell a story,but that just goes to show this guy really had and always will have quite the following. What do you think about him?

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