Friday, November 18, 2011

A healthy Thanxgiving?

Well we're still on Brian McKnight week.The way love goes was the first song that really introduced me to him as an artist. Its an amazing ballad about well...the way love does or does not go.

Today I have quick post as I am off to Michigan for my godson & great aunts bday party!What I have for you are some interesting and tasty ways to make ur holiday dishes a taaaaad healthier,enjoy!!

1)Candies sweet potatoes -I've read the recipe and it appears to be healthy but its covered in marshmallows so..yea...

2)Roasted garlic mashed potatoes I looove garlic mashed potatoes,I'd swap out the butter for an herbed butter!

3)Turkey and gravy this seems pretty labour intensive,but I know it would be so amazingly moist & tasty.I'm gonna stick with my cornish hen this year.

4)Pumpkin Coconut tart Ok I will NOT eat coconut unless its on a dessert.This looks right up my alley,aannndd a whole wheat crust,yesss! I'd swap out the rum for rum extract,I dont drink rum very often so that would be a waste for me.

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