Monday, November 21, 2011

2 Parties 1 weekend

We shall continue in Brian McKnight Loooovvveee this song.Twas originally done my Aaron Neville but Brian really brought it to life for me. Crazy Love   is an amazing interpretation the kind of relationship we'd all like to be in,ahhh what it must be like....I wouldnt know but its a great song to listen to!

So this weekend I went to 2 birthday parties celebrating some very special folks.Today I'm going to cover the first one,my godson.He will be a year old on thanksgiving.He is such a doll,he's walking waddling,saying a few words and he's got about 5 teeth!

How awesome is this cake?not only did it look good I was told it was delish!     

Now even though the icing stained my finger and tongue it was soooo worth it.
Everything was set up so nicely,a snack table there was food,games for the children..
This is the candy table,I'm told the children ransacked,I dont think there was any candy left.
This is the boy of the hour! Isnt his hat sooo cute,he really enjoys people and he got kick out of his party. He couldn't really focus during the magician but he was a good boy and never cried.

Stay tuned for my grand aunts 90th recap later this week!

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