Monday, November 7, 2011

Dose Market

Nancy Wilson is a premier jazz singer,she doesn't do alot of scatting or hollering but girly can saaang.Together her and Cannonball Adderley made same hott duets.One of my personal fave's is Never will I marry, her phrasing is so on point and the accompaniment from Cannonball is just the best.Check it out!

Yesterday I got a chance to explore Dose Market.It takes place at River East Center and its the most eclectic market I've been to.They have everything from handmade sausages to purses and specialty teas.It's really rather nice,you do have to buy tickets though;$8 online and $10 at the door.Personally I think the price is a bit much because when you get there your definitely gonna be spending money,but oh well. Who am I but a woman with opinions.

Here are my findings:
The market is from 10am-4pm I got there around 105ish and it was this crowded!

Handmade Italian jewelry

It all looked sooo amazing but I couldn't buy everything!

Raw anything is not my thang,looks interesting,tho

Umm not sure what this is but looks fun!
I bought a maple & chestnut donut,it was so so goood!

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