Friday, November 25, 2011

2 Parties 1 weekend Pt.2

Well this has always been one of my favorite Jackson 5 songs.I've always thought it was a little different from most other Jackson 5 tunes it has more if a dance groove to it....or do I just constantly want to dance.I told yall I was born with boogie fever. I wanna be Where You are  is simply a classic.

Well how was your thanksgiving? Mine was relaxing,I volunteered at a seniors home,came back baked my cornish hen & mac n'cheese and it was goood.I'll do a blog later about all that! I met the sweetest lady at the seniors home who showed me where Al Capone was almost arrested and then showed me the tunnel to his home!She was sooo sweet,and they are some serious bingo players,whew! Now back to second party I attended this weekend.It was my grand aunts 90th and it was packed with alot of relatives I haven't seen in 12 years.

My aunt to the left me in the middle and my aunts daughter

Me& my aunt Linda (who used to babysit us) and my sister!
My sister,aunt Jackie & I

The lovely cake..yea these pics are from my phone so not the best quality.


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