Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Symphony's in Evanston

Symphony's is an upscale but relaxed break from the craziness that is downtown Evanston. The prices are good and the ambiance is laid back. Its nice for brunch after church,or a date on friday. I discovered this charm shortly after I moved here and applied for a job as a waitress,a job I did not get. Ugh that was my 2nd job stop of that day and it was at least 80 degrees that day. Anyway God always has a better plan!

Fast forward to present day...I've been to Symphonys a few times but I'll just talk about this sunday. The service is always good here,and so is the food. I chose the Hobo skillet which consists of 3 cheeses(heaven!!!!!), potatoes and 2 eggs. I swapped out one of the cheeses for turkey sausage,which costs an extra $2.50,not bad. A skillet is not a skillet if theirs no meat.End of story.Here is what it looked like,oh and it also came with 2 pieces of rye toast,as if Idont already have a carb addiction!

Now, I know these does not look appetizing but it was good. I do have a few faults with it though...
Firstly the potatoes were hash browns,I want cubed potatoes in my skillet not hash browns. Thats just how I feel though. Secondly the egg to potato ratio was off.In my opinion my skillet should have more egg than potato,but not too much egg(I sound like Adrian Monk from the USA show Monk right??) I didn't have enough egg,but those really are my only issues. If you live in the Chicago area add this to your list of things to do.

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