Friday, January 21, 2011

A Lazy Girls Po'boy

As much as I love food I do not feel like cooking everyday,nor do I feel like cooking for hours whenever I do cook.Nor do I like to empty the dishwasher. Its so weird because I have no problem putting the dishes in thier..but I ever want to take them out.This is a tasty po'boy and it takes all of 25 mins.

The very first time I had a po'boy was on the way to my sisters graduation from Cornell Univ.Its a looong drive from Detroit,MI to Ithaca, NY we were traveling in our RV and we got a tire blow out.Yep.Somewhere in Ohio.Me and my 2 brothers (while waiting for the tire to be fixed)went into the travelers station diner and my younger brother ordered a shrimp po'boy. It was a po'boy to remember.It was delicious but *Bar Louie currently has the best.(*this fact subject to change whenever I change it).

For A Lazy girls Po'boy you will need:
  1. Something like a hoagie bun,french bread is perfect.
  2. 2 slices of white cheddar.
  3. 2 slabs of chicken tenders
  4. 1/2 bottle of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce,this is just what I used,but feel free to experiment.
  5. Few slices of bell pepper & onion.
  6. 2 pc's of turkey bacon.
Here are the super simple steps:
1.Cook peppers,bacon & onion on low heat w/olive oil for 5 mins

2.Put chicken in on medium heat and let it simmer in BBQ sauce,with lid on for about 15mins.Watch them because they are slabs and are smaller they cook fast.

3.Take meat our after about 15mins and shred with 2 forks.NO KNIVES ALLOWED.After the meat has been shredded put it back in the sauce and let it cook for another 10mins on low.At this point you should cut your bread in half,but not all the way.Season the bun with butter and garlic salt then put it in the oven on 400.

After the bun is good and crusty take it out the oven,it only takes about 10 mins. Put the 2 slices of white cheddar on the bun(next time I will put the cheese in the oven w/the bun to melt it more)then pile on the good stuff,really pile it;I still have some meat left over.Then toss on some lettuce and its feeding time!It really was easy and sooo good,so much flavor,you know I like flavor!

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