Friday, January 7, 2011

Fish's Eddy

I dont go to New York very often but when I do their is absolutely positively one thing I must do.I must visit Fishs Eddy. ( ) This is my favorite store in New York.It really is.To say that its reasonable priced would be understatent,its cheap!I like nothing more than to get good quality stuff for cheap prices,and at Fishs Eddy I.Clean.Up.It's a very small shop s0 its kinda cramped but its sooo worth squeezing in my hips for 15mins to get all that amazing kitchen stuff.Now here are all of my wonderfully cheap finds:

2 slotted spoons, a gravy ladle and 2 large spoons.

(below) I bought 2 of these 3 yrs ago last time I was at Fishs Eddy.Unfortunately I broke one in April after a lovely night filled with,long islands,shots of kamikaze and....a friend vomiting in my car.

There you have it bloggers & bloggettes I got 4 shot glasses,2 drinking jars,a silicone pastry brush(not pictured)2 daiquiri glasses,1 tumbler and 5 spoons for(I want you to guess how much you think I paid) Did you guess? Well it was a whopping $35.00.That included shipping and handling because the only thing I carried on the plane with me was the spoons and brush.I'm really happy with everything I bought.I really need to find good recipe for a daiquiri though,because I hardly ever make them.

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