Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Morse Fresh Market

I want to start this post off by letting you bloggers know,its ok to comment.I've checked my stats and they're are definitley people reading the blog,but no one says anything, :). Am I that boring and hodrum??Nahh I'm not! Anyhoo feel free to drop me a line.

Today I will share with you my favorite grocery store in Rogers Park,which is the neighborhood I live in. Its the Morse Fresh Market on More and Glenwood, it is located conviently blocks away from my home. I would suggest not going to late though. Some horrible things happen on Morse between the hours of 10pm-6am,but the market closes at 8pm. This is going to sound crazy(get used to me prefacing sentences with that alot) but this market is one if the main reasons I don't want to leave Rogers Pk. They dont sell wine which is ok because 2 doors down form the market are 2 different liquor stores. They also dont really have a very big frozen selection,which is ok with me because I dont actually eat very much frozen food. It's called the fresh market for a reason. The service is always very friendly and the manager is really good at remembering the different faces that come in and out of the store.

There is only one bad thing I must warn you about...There is a horrendous stinch as you walk towards the back of the store where the deli and butcher is. It resembles the smell of dog food and dead birds. I think the reason for this is because they have alot of fresh meat and the store is really tiny and small and they only have a little space to store it.

Lastly and probably most important the price is right,its better than right.Here is a list of what i bought this sunday:
a bunch Cilantro,a bunch of grapes,4 pears,turkey breast slabs,tortillas,5 yogurts,1liter of juice,1 block of colby cheese,garlic bread,a clove of garlic,white onion,dozen eggs,and a bag of spinach.
I spent $32 and some change,and that bloggers & bloggettes is the reason I come back for more.

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