Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ugh.... trying not to be annoyed!

Today's post will not quite be about food,so please don't throw tomatoes at me,I'm allergic,wait ..if their cooked thats ok.

I'm back from NY got back yesterday and came straight to work,because I had already missed 2 days.Anyhoo today's post is not about food .My AC cord for my laptop is not working,so my laptop has been out of commission for basically 2 wks.I ordered a cord on the 12th it got here and would only charge for an hour.I went right back to Best Buy and got them to order me another one on the 18th,it is still MIA.So posting from another computer has been a bit trying.Now it could very well be in the management office but because they close @5 and she always forgets to put my pcgks in my apt like I ask I wouldn't know.Also I had somethings shipped from my fav store in NY,it also is not here.I am soooo fed up with mail right now,you have no idea.

Soon we will be back to our scheduled program,until then, ugh!

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