Monday, December 27, 2010

Brunch in the city

On Sunday just as the blizzard was beginning I ventured out to H&M to pick up a few things.I hadn't eaten yet and it was already about 2pm.I was walking through the Soho area and stumbled upon Spring street natural restaurant.(
When I walked in there were 2 hostesses standing at the hostess podium chatting amongst themselves.They both glanced at me and continued talking.After about 60 seconds I asked if I should sit myself,one of the young ladies was finally able to pull herself away from her riveting convo to seat me.

Shortly after I was seated a waitress who never told me her name took my order.I'd decided on the Challah french toast and chicken apple breakfast sausages.I love french toast.After a very short wait my food was brought out to me,but not by my waitress.I understand waitresses get busy,what I didn't understand is how she never once came by to see if everything was ok with my food.

Everything on my plate was burnt except for the fresh fruit.The sausage did still have some decent flavor but the over all theme of the plate was burnt.I couldn't eat all of the french toast,but what I did eat had to be completely submerged in maple syrup.Any other way may not have been edible.As I said the waitress never stopped by my table so when I was finished I had to ask someone else for my bill.I would not willingly go back to this place.Its easy to burn anything if you turn your head for to long but its hard to burn in as much as my food was burnt.I have some pics from my phone,so the quality may not be the best.

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