Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pizza Hunt!

I have always loved pizza,when I was a child I thought it was going to go away when I became an adult,it did not.This all makes sense because in the past year I have realized that my favorite food is cheese.Well not so much realized;but I've come to terms with this fact.I also love to read.I spend alot of time on the train,and while the El is certainly a show in itself,I always keep a novel with me.
Anyhoo I was looking a some recently published food articles and I found this one.( found this article to be interesting but I'm still trying to undertand why most of the world is enthralled with it.It's not bad pizza but its not spectacular either.If your looking for a really amazing frozen pizza Freschetta is my absolute favorite.It's also some of the most expensive frozen pizza there is.I believe its somewhere between $7-8 a pizza.Boooy is it worth it!The crust is like croissant but thicker and they dont skimp on the cheese.Crust is important because I dont like cracker crust.
However there are some safeway brand pizzas I buy that have cracker crust.I buy the pizza because its delicious,my fav are the bbq chicken pizza and the alfredo pizza!When I eat this pizza I rip the crust off and call myself cutting back on carbs.This excuse also makes me feel better about the fact that I've just wasted perfectly decent bread.I digress...I love to make my own pizza when I have time.I buy the boboli crust(its really the best) I season the crust with oo,garlic pepper and a parmesan.This is a crust I devour,happily!The toppings are really endless and we will certainly get into this on a later to post,where I'll be making a pizza.
The last thing I will share with you is I recently went to Webbers grill for happy hour. .During happy hour they have alot of $4 drinks and appetizers but it only lasts until 6pm.I decided to have the bbq chicken pizza and it was the best thing ever.It happened to combine everything I love on one pie.Smoked gouda cheese,cilantro,bbq sauce and carmelized onions.All of my dreams have come true and I shall want for no more.

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