Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why I love to cook

Since you guys are still getting to know me I thought I might delve into my love for cooking,where it comes from.It really is quite simple:the food of my childhood bored me.Thats it.My father was a health food freak and we didn't (and I still dont to this day) eat red meat.That being said,I know your thinking well they are still plenty ways to spruce aup a meal right?Nope not in my house.An average meal for us growing up was tabouli,brown rice,and tofu chili.If I told you we had this alot that would be an understatement!Needless to say I no longer eat any of those things anymore.The only time I had meat in my house was when it was KFC,burger king or Taco Bell.

When I got to college I couldnt wait to get my own apartment so I could watch the food channel and start to cook the things I wanted to cook.I still like to keep it healthy but tasty as well.
I will never forget the first time I made a cake for my 19th bday,from scratch and I had to call my grandfather every step of the way.Or the first time I made a cornish hen and telling my grandparents I had washed it with dish detergent and water.They really got their laughs in that day.I just love to experiment and keep a good balance with what I'm eating.For example growing up we only had greens twice a year,thanxgiving & Xmas.At my grandparents house it was a completely different story.We'd had greens on tuesday nite just cause!

Coming from where I'm from which is family full of southern people,greens are to be cooked in large amounts and boiled down for hours.Not in this Diva's kitchen.I saute my greens alot like I do my spinach.If you talk to my grandfather he will tell you I'm "frying"them.If I have some eggplant,guess what ?it gets diced up and goes in with the greens,turkey bacon and garlic,it is really yummy.

Now I'm off to pack for New York which is where I'll spend the holiday.Not to worry,I'll be back soon with some awesome posts and 1 about one of my fav stores in the world.Happy holidays!

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