Friday, June 1, 2012

Kicked up french toast

Today I bring you my favorite Beyonce song.Deja Vu 
is.... is just it, plain and simple.

Remember many moon ago when I stumbled upon this great little spot in Evanston, and they had that french toast covered in cornflakes?? Well I done done it!! Not really I used oates to cover  mine in. Total yummers! Wanna see it? Here it go! Here's what you'll need:

You don't have to use whole grain, challah or egg bread will do just fine. Also if you don't like rum extract use vanilla.

1) Measure out a cup of oates, now with a good knife give them an efficient but rough chop. Dont measure out the whole cup at once you'll have oates everywhere. Sprinkle in 2 dashs of allspice into the oates.

2) Get the griddle out, get it hot. Melt about 2 tblpspns butter on the griddle. While thats coming together mix together the eggs, a dash of rum extract,1 tspn nutmeg and half a tspn of cinnamon. Whisk very well, its time to dip!

3)Dip the bread into the egg mix then coat very well in the oates, then onto the gridle. I had my gridle on high, but I should have had it on med...learn from my mistakes. The bread should cook on each side for about 4-5 mins.
Do this with all 3 pcs of bread, and you'll have this:

Sprinkle with confectionery sugar and gooble up! 

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