Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My favorite Salads

Sooo I guess this song is by a group called Fun... I love We Are Young 
I've been hearing it for months and I've never known who did this song. It's a really cool tune tho, listen to it!

Today I have kind of a repeat blog, well not really. As it gets hot in the summer I like to stay further and further away from the stove, which leaves me with salads. I have a list and a few suggestions for some of my favorite salads. By no means do you have to do the salad just like this, these are just my healthy and fast suggestions:

1. Grilled Corn & mango salad- this is made alot like a salsa, but theres lettuces in it. Grill the corn as you usually would season lightly with salt & peppa. When its done get every  juicy morsel of corn off that cob, mix with spring mix 1/4 c of mango diced up well, season with crushed red chili pepper, lime juice and salt. If you have any left over go ahead and put it on a taco.

2. Green bean salad- I always have some frozen green beans in the freezer, look waaay in the back of your freezer, you probably do to. Perfect go to for a salad. Sit them in warm water for 7 mins then drain. You could even steam them. Season with lemon juice, salt and garlic pepper. Let this sit in the fridge for about 15 mins before you serve.

3.Orzo w/cubed feta- This one takes a bit more prep time. You've got to chop the cucumbers,feta and olives and of course cook the orzo. Go light on the seasoning, the feta and olves bring a fair amount of salt. Use a little olive oil, Goya adobo seasoning and black pepper. You'll wanna pop this in the freezer before you serve this as well.

Feel free to share any of your favorite quick and healthy salads!

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