Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tofu Salad

Who remembers Maroon 5's breakout song, This Love 
that used to be your jam right? Yea well I'm still jamming to it.Was it supposed to be a dance song? I dunno I always dance to it. You know I was born with boogie fever right?

I have for you today a tofu salad. Featuring that tofu  bought from the farmers market, oh and the broccoli to! Here's what you need:

Any sweet chili sauce will do and I could have used less tofu, pictured above is almost enough for 2 salads.

1. Heat pan on med heat and pour in enough olive oil to coat. Then in go the broccoli and carrots, then green onions and tofu. Pour in a tad bit more olive oil, the broccoli will absorb a fair amount of what you poured down first.
2. Season with about 1.5 tblspns soy sauce,2 pinches salt and about 1.5 tblspn sweet chili sauce. 
3. Just when the tofu begins to brown turn the pan off. Put this in another bowl and let cool for at least 2 hrs.

When your ready to eat toss this with some spring mix and enjoy!

Oh shit, I forgot to mention the carrots! Whoops they are definitely optional but add a nice crunch to the salad.
Soo this sunday is my bday, feel free to wish me a happy day and ask for my address if youd like to send a gift, haha! 

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