Monday, September 24, 2012

South of France Cap D'Agde

Here I am in the South of France at International Culinary Academy. 
Do I seem happy? Well I'm not really... There are so many things that have gone on here that are really completely out of order. Way too many hidden fees and I really could go on and on. Tomorrow is the very first day of class so I'm going to try to keep opinions to myself until I can really accurately tell yall how I feel. Just know that alot of things aren't as they should be. All in all I got my chefs jacket, shoes and pants so I'm excited about what tomorrow brings. I'll also be taking a french class in the afternoon. This town is really really small. Tomorrow we're going to Agde to do some shopping. Everything around here closes around 8ish. Yea I dunno how this is gonna work!

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