Sunday, September 30, 2012

The first week of class

Sooo I made it threw the first week of class and I really enjoyed it! Even the french class, the teachers here really know their stuff, and I feel like I've already learned alot. This weekend I went to Montpeiller and did some much needed shopping. They have a huge semi outdoor mall there, its called the shopping odesseum. It rained horrible off and on yesterday more on than off, which was unfortunate for us because we missed the last bus coming back to Agde and had to wait 20 mins for a train. I've not yet gotten into this whole being European thing yet and I dont think I will;but I intend to get all I can from this experience. Here are some highlights from this week.

 Hyper - U is a popular...hmmm its like Target if they sold fresh seafood and was twice its size. Yea that was one of the highlights of this week!

 This is a mixture of peppers, carrots, onions and a few other veges all cooked together with cream annddd the egg on top was cooked for 2 hrs in water, how cool??

 This is a mackeral that I gutted myself! De-boning it was hellish but I got it done. It's served on beet root skin boiled like pasta with carmelized onions and a pear garnsh. It was pretty good.

So thats that, now its time for week 2! Have a blessed week.

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