Friday, July 20, 2012

The Original House Of Pancakes

Ya'll know I'm not really into rap, but when I like somethin; I like something. Dear Mama is a really great Eminem song. Not great in the typical sense, but you know.. it tells a great and relatable story about life. 

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of visiting the Original House Of Pancakes,located in Kenwood;previously located in Hyde Park. As soon as you walk in there is a sign telling you that they will not seat you unless your whole party is there. I appreciate that notice. We got there around 1130am and only had to wait about 12 mins. We sat at a table that was waaayyy to close to everyone else. I don't like that, however the food was good!

Nah I never got around to having any pancakes. The waffle was good but it literally had a whole can of peaches on it.... Not good. The waffle was super soggy, I love a good crisp waffle, don't you? Absolutely no complaints about the sausage tho.
Now for the age old question: Am I going back?? Yep but I will request a booth. I simply can not sit the close to random people.

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