Monday, July 9, 2012

My birthday!

I'm sitting here watching City SLickers Pt 2. and I wanted something really festive and western for ya'll. What better than Howdown By Aaron CoplandWe performed this in high school and it was such an awesome song to perform. Slightly difficult to pull together but completely worth it.

Finally I have pictures from my birthday which was june 24th. I catered the event myself and boy was I tired. No, I'm not catering another birthday party in 88 degree weather, anyhoo, here are the pictures!

The caprese bruschetta, the name explains it all.

You know I always have to do something in the crockpot, makes life sooo much easier. This is crockpot sesame chicken. Here is the recipe.

Coconut lime cupcakes, they were alot more dense than a cupcake, more like a muffin, but tasty none the less.

My sister came all the way from DC!

Fresh flowers are always a good centerpeice, no matter what time of year it is.

Have ya'll noticed that I like taking pictures by the tables I design??

Mushroom and onion tart= Sauteed mushroom and onions in a pie crust topped with parmesan cheese and warmed just before serving.
....I made a pasta salad but those pictures seemed to have dissapeared.. 
Well thats me on the first day of my late 20's. It was a pretty great party.

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